Charterhouse Sixth Form

Charterhouse Sixth Form

We were so proud to be asked to redesign the new sixth form common room at Charterhouse, one of the UK’s leading independent boarding and day schools. The school is located in stunning rural grounds and the sixth form centre is located centrally in an old cricket pavilion. The space came with lots of challenges, a low ceiling, large wooden beams and a challenging café area than needed to be reconfigured to create a fluid circulation pattern.

The space is used by sixth formers and parents on weekends when they visit for sport events, so it needed to be multi-functional and flexible for all types on events and elevated.

The interior design has a single contemporary material palette used throughout to give a clean and fresh feel while unifying the floors. I was excited to discover that well know British artist David Hicks was a student at Charterhouse and I was keen to give a nod to his use of colour and geometric shapes to elevate the space. We found more old, famous Carthusian’s memorabilia and this was displayed to create an aspirational space.

The space was softened with homely textiles such as velvety comfy seating, floor rugs and cushions to provide a more informal aesthetic and create a home from home feel for the students.

The cafe was given a contemporary feel by introducing bespoke plywood feature furniture with accents of colour. The new materials greet you as soon as you walk into the cafe with the addition of a new wooden coffee bar creating a space for the students to hang out while waiting for food and hot drinks.

We get very excited about school projects as we can make a real impact to many client’s everyday lives by creating a more positive interior for them to spend their time in. It was a real highlight reading the thank you messages on Instagram from the students using this space, its why we are so passionate about good design.